Monday, January 31, 2011


The purpose of the Book of Priests in unclear, it may serve as a parable.
There is no evidence that the priests ever existed - the after life experiences of these priests can't be validated. It is possible that these are early examples of anti- religious propaganda

page xxi paragraph iv

A devout and pious preacher took his congregation of thirty men, women and children out to sea in a boat.
“God will protect us from the elements” he cried.
"I have spoken to God and I know that he cares for all who love him,
no harm will befall even the smallest."
"I know God and he will keep his eye on us as he does the sparrow."
“I shoot sparrows” said a rough looking boy “Do you think God minds?” he asked the preacher.
“God has given man dominion over all of nature” said the preacher “ as long as you believe in God, all is well”
Whereupon a large fish knocked the boat over and it sank with all on board.

page xxii paragraph iiv

A priest responsible for the death of hundreds of people through religious persecution died and went to heaven.
When he got to the gates of heaven there was a large sign that said “GOD ONLY LOVES ATHEISTS”

Page xxvii paragraph xii

Father Thomas Twijfel, though carrying out his duties as a priest with care and devotion
and deeply loved by his congregation, felt deep in his heart that God did not exist.
The word "atheist" never crossed his lips and the purpose of his life was never in question.
When he died peacefully, he went to heaven. Upon arrival, he found there was no one there.
He was content.

Page xxvii paragraph xx

A paedophile priest, would quote the Gospel of Saint Matthew to justify his heinous deception. “Suffer the children to come unto me” he would say. And some children in suffering, would. The parents of one of his victims, having read the Gospel of Saint Matthew chapter 18;6 , went to a stone mason and had a millstone made. They took the priest on a picnic on the beach, there they hung the millstone around the neck of the priest and he was never seen again.