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Saint Antonius Pocryphal makes no claim to be a prophet.
The writings in this book appear to be translations from the writings of
Predikant Onzin.
Predikant was a fisherman and a visionary in the early church on the Dutch coast,
near the current location of Scheveningen.
After his death in 752 he was,for a short time, Sainted and considered the Patron Saint of net weavers and labyrinth makers.
However he was later judged to be a heretic and posthumously excommunicated.
Saint Antonius had in his possession the only surviving book written by Predikant
It is believed he later lost it in a fire caused by a domestic accident involving a goose and a vat of hot oil. It should be of interest that Predikant Onzin wrote what is perhaps the first Christian Joke - perhaps the reason for his excommunication

Jesus walks into a Christian tavern and orders an ale. A patron who recognises him excitedly shouts "JESUS CHRIST" and is thrown out for swearing

Vision One

And it shall be that on the feast of our Lords birth the myth of a false prophet of goodwill and cheer, shall arise.
The prophet will be celebrated on the same day as the birth of our Saviour.
In general belief and cultural practice The Myth will replace the purpose of the Christmas celebrations
He will take upon himself acts of generosity performed by others.
Children will believe him to be the source of gifts. Adults will encourage their children to believe this deception. Many (both men and women) will publicly wear the attire of this man and many children will believe these to be the personification of this man. Occasionally children will recognize the deception but on expressing it will be threatened with the withdrawal of gifts.
Children’s behaviour will be modified in a similar manner throughout the year before the feast of our Lords birth.
Though parents grant the gifts by placing them in a corner of the house under a decorated tree, they will deny this and refute their expressions of generosity towards their children.
The false prophet shall be named “Santa” – (derived from the word Satan.)
And his attire is red clothing and hat. His head and face shall be covered with long uncut hair.
He will be said to fly through the air by means of a reindeer drawn sled.

Footnote; by Antonius.
This would seem unlikely and such paganism would never be permitted.

Vision seven

Illumination page xxiv

A Prophet Yet To Come

A man shall come from the new world.
He shall have flowing hair and his names will be that of the goat and of bad meat of the swine.
He shall travel throughout the world proclaiming the word of God.
He shall cross the ocean by traveling through the clouds.
He shall call upon God in the name of Jesus Christ.
He will call all to repentance and simplicity.
His wealth will be great.
His friends will be the rich and powerful.
He will be seated with kings and emperors and they shall call him friend.
His latter days shall be dark days of confusion and bewilderment.
Such are the ways of man not God.

Footnote; by Antonius.
In the regards to the aspects of a new world and reference to flight,
this would appear to be mystical,rather than an actual prophecy.
He may be inferring a fallen angel. (name of the goat) something satanic.

Vision Five

A poem for which Saint Antonius can find no biblical or theological reference
he writes " I believe that this short poem written by Onzin may be prophetic
and written as a future revelation.

A fundamentalist Christian
Opened her Bible To Pray
Down came a Spong
And sat down beside her
And frightened the Christian away.

Vision Eleven

Page xxxiii


The devil disguised him self as the goat headed god Amun and went rowing on lake Contrary. On the beach he saw a man who was very rich. This man was always frightened that one day he would lose his wealth, so always carried his gold and silver with him in a shoulder bag. Because he always dressed as a pauper no one ever suspected he was wealthy nor that he was carrying his wealth with him.
The devil called to him “Hey poor man would you like to walk on the water? It’ll cost you nothing – but your soul”
“I would” said the man, because he wanted everything, especially if it was free.
“Come on then” called the devil “Walk over and join me in my boat – but leave your bag on the beach”. The rich man shook his head “I can’t leave my bag, I am a poor man and everything I own is in there”. “Suit your self” cried Satan “ you always do – but I advise against it,” and under his breath he mumbled “you’ll be just as happy in my boat with nothing”
The man started to walk towards the boat, he was amazed – he was walking on the water. “Hurry up” called the devil “You’re sinking”.
The man realized it was true and started to panic, he realized he was slowly sinking into the water, deeper and deeper he sank and it was harder to walk. “Throw away the bag you idiot” were the last words he heard.

The devil rowed on singing “ Oh, if the Devil don’t get you your money will”

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