Thursday, November 1, 2007


Chapter II


A large tear of disappointment rolled down God’s face, “How could it have got so..what do the Gauls call it, ‘Trieste’?
“When We created the earth was it in a fit of whimsy or smart-arse witticism or idle self-indulgence?
The mighty waters, the mighty land, all that lives in and on the waters and all that
lives under and on the land and all that lives in and on the waters on the land…
Oh shut up” he said “We’re starting to sound like Charlton Heston reciting Homer.
The fact is, when We had finished the project, it all looked pretty good, We were proud of that six day wonder.
Mighty proud!
But that wasn’t enough was it? No! Like a child we wanted to show off.
It wasn’t enough to enjoy it for ourselves, The birdies’ singing for their own sake, if not for ours, wasn’t enough.We needed an audience! Unlike that poor Dutch sod, ‘Vincent’, who was happy enough to go on painting despite the fact no one looked at his work, We needed public praise.
This is what happens when you spend the day off reflecting on how clever you are.
We convinced our selves that we could go one better than monkeys and apes.
We created this creature with a will of its own and it then claims to be in our image.
It gives us names, all kinds of names and shapes.
Then they start fighting each other over the right name and shape.
Then in whatever name they chose, they start beating each other into a pulp,
kill women and children and manifest all kinds of tortures on each other.
They actually appeal to us for help in all their idiotic ambitions and then they are convinced We need appeasement for what they do.
They call out to us in lamentable poetry, they make smoke, as if we need smoke.
As some act of piety they slaughter animals and burn selected bits as some kind of tribute. They have been known to kill each other and worse than, their children on altars dedicated to us.
What tops it all they kill a man who had a lot of good things to say and then claim he was my son and now all is forgiven! So it is with us, the ‘G-D creator” mankind has made fools of us all.

Chapter XI

short statements found on scraps of paper.

God came to earth as Christ?

The history is irrelevant
The parable has the potential.
The fact is not important
The fiction is of consequence

The mystery that is God

God’s existing is a mystery
God’s not existing is a mystery
It is the mystery that is God.

The following prose is somewhat incongruous within this folio as it is attributed to
Jacob Antheunis, who was burnt at the stake on 22 May 1575 in Antwerp as an Anabaptist.
This post dates the writing of Saint Antonius Pocraphal, but in it may have been strongly influenced by his writing and for that reason I have included it (Editor)

In the beginning was the word,
This word
that belongs to no one,

Did he
Who makes a thousand miseries a day,
make the Lamb?

For if he hears the sadness of the world
It is through my ears.
And if he sees the sadness of the world
It is through my eyes.
And if he weeps at the sadness of the world
It is with my tears.

This God,
This word,
That belongs to no one.

Chapter XII

Perhaps “God” came out of a sense of the other?
That is.
Our species became aware first of ourselves as individuals and then the individuality of others.
Rather than seeing ourselves as others see us, we saw ourselves in others and were disappointed,
Thus we granted ourselves a sense of failure.
Not willing to accept ourselves or others as we actually are, we set about a set of aspirations and values outside ourselves.
We set a scale of unattainable goodness, “GOD”.
For ourselves we created failure,expressed as "sin".
We set for ourselves the need for betterment or all would fail.
“The gods look at us and laugh” we said and the rest is history..

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