Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Second Coming.

About three years after ascending into heaven, our Lord returned to earth.

Disguised as an old man carrying a basket of bread, wine and flowers on his head, he knocked on the door of the house where the Disciples were meeting.
"Shalom brothers" He said "I have come with bread, wine and splendid lillies.
Let us eat dance and sing of the new day, let us consider beauty.

"Old man" they said "We have enough bread and we have enough wine, as for singing...
Old man you bring us earthly things,we have more important things to attend to.
We are about the business of the risen Christ. We are the new generation who will see the fulfillment of all things, the Kingdom of God! Christ triumphant on his throne!"
"Take your bread and songs to the market place where they belong".

The door was closed in his face.

When Jesus returned to heaven God asked "How did it go?"
"I suspect" said Jesus taking a bite of bread "My whole mission on earth was a complete waste of time, they didn't understand any of it...I doubt I'll ever go back again".

And so it was that the world missed the second coming.

Chapter 11 page xiii

Saint Antonius writes "A spiritus cameth upon me and spoke "Though I carry the name of the Saint from Assisi I am the voice of times yet to come"
Antonius states that "I can find no revelation in these words for my times but record them for future scholars to meditate upon"

What if
my second coming began quietly with a birth?
Not some celebrity event anticipated in the latest trend magazines
Or discussed on breakfast television.
A promotion for a weight reduction product
A sponsorship for the Starving children in Palestine.
But in, anonymous appearance, ordinary.
In an under funded hospital
In a “who the hell would want to live there?” town.

Bethanga, Bellawongarah or Arakoon.

And what if
my name was Jeff or James or Shane or Sharon or Jennifer?

And what if
some decades later I appeared as grist for the evening news mill
With a group of friends.
On your flat screen, opinion on the world.
Banners in black and yellow and white hands, raging against injustice.
And corruption.

Chained to a tree.
Shouting obscenities against the obscene
Prejudice and bigotry.

And pushing down the fences.
That lock in those who have, against those who have less.

And what if
on a Sunday morning I mocked your churches and
I lay in the park singing
HOLY, HOLY, HOLY Hypocracy
Lordy God all Blighty.

Or in an anti war march or on ANZAC day shouted
“Those who live by the sword will die by it - Let the dead burry their dead.”

What if
instead of standing for public office or leading some politically active group of serious conservative social conscience, I laughed and played with children
Without the mandatory working with Children Clearance.
To prove Kindness and goodness are not guaranteed by law

What if
I raided the bins at the back of the supermarket
Before the bread and fish is dumped in landfill with last weeks
News papers, superseded electrical appliances and discarded Christmas decorations.

What if
my face appeared on the front of the Herald / Sun
As a social nuisance with possible anarchic connections and suspected of
Knowing possible terrorist and counter government organizations.

Arrested and convicted for the good of society.

What if the second coming was like?

Would you recognize me?

Would you be


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